Friday, 5 November 2010

anger management

when it comes to writing, i enjoy the morbid shit, and this one's a favourite of mine. since i drew the original (at the top) it's been poking me, niggling at me from inside my portfolio, like the tell-tale heart. even though i like the image of the guy trying to pull the skin off his face, i never thought the font did the guy justice and i could never think of a way to finish it, but knew i had to. obviously, the new one is not quite finished but at the moment i'm happy with it. the guy's cheesey smile and glazed-over expression suggests pent up aggression, and the daily facade we have to apply to avoid alienating others with the truth. since showing people both versions of this poem, there's been mixed reviews as to which one's better, and i don't want the first fella to go to waste, so i've decided to keep them both and display them side by side, forever. saves me having to actually make a proper decision xo