Wednesday, 11 August 2010

magical woodland scene

magical woodland scene
where everything is in between
things and flowers grow from the green
and scared monsters can be seen (but they don't like to be, so don't look)

" pass the days"

i like these words but hate the image. time to rethink and redraw. always works out this way. i've a whole stack of either words or pictures that haven't worked and need recycling. my mum used to always say "i wish i had time to be bored" whenever i'd complain, i totally understand her now. i wish i had Bernard's watch, then i'd have half a chance in hell to finish and do every thing i'd like (plus, i'd be able to play tricks on people hehehe)

laters, bro

laters, bro, you're going to a better place. we'll still see each other but you don't live here any more. watch out for sticky little fingers xo