Thursday, 16 September 2010


PONYO ORAGAMI SET STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN!! THANK YOU LIFE!!! (and the Mike/Jess/Poppy show) yess!!!

small man, big pen

this poem is about the endless nights i'd spend drawing and drawing, exhausted from work, never sleeping through fear of never getting anywhere and ultimately driving myself mental. time slips out from under me more and more every day, but i'm coming to terms with it, these days..

i remember my best friend at school's dad was covered top to bottom in tattoos. brutal shit, i was scared, even his ear lobes were tattooed. anyway, in amoungst all the dragons, skulls, blood and what-not, he had two little mice wearing bow ties, one on each arm saying "hey you" and "who me" to each other. absolutely amazing xo

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

25 years old....

.....what of it?

fight scenes

mythical land creatures fuck each other up right here, in the woods....
and ghosts duel here, above the castle. they're both ghosts so not much gets done in terms of arse-kicking but words can hurt just as much. this project is taking it's sweet time, but it's coming together and a
it'll be worth the wait! xo

Monday, 13 September 2010

a, b, c, and all the rest

these are all chapter headings to, what will one day be, a book full of all my shit.
please excuse L because i hate it so much it's been scrapped, and Y which is nearly done.