Saturday, 25 September 2010

the show goes on

my genius friend Paul,, surprised me with this little gem yesterday! proving to me, once again, the wonders of illustrator. although we have a handful of collaborative pictures that are almost finished and ready to be screenprinted, this is our first actual finished picture together! all the credit most go to my boy for this little beauty, all i did was draw my totem pole character, he worked the magic on the rest. absolute legend! xo

Monday, 20 September 2010

this is a random one. it's a bit scrapbookish, it's really just a mish-mash of hand drawn/cut fonts.. which is fun! and the line "an eye for an eye, and a hand for a stolen heart" is one of my favourites of mine (if i do say so myself). i like to keep any scribbles and mistakes in there, i like to think it adds a personal touch, and gives everyone an idea of the thought process as i was drawing it. or maybe i'm just too lazy to redraw stuff, or too retarded on a computer to fix it like a professional would. either way, i doubt i'll change xo

i'm an uncle first and an artist second

this is my little niece Amelie, future artist/drummer, and cutest little bubba in the world! xo

banned in C.T.

banned in C.T./the only place i know/hard to call a place like this my home/everyone turning up their powdered nose/each of them a stranger, each of them a joke/I'M IN A WORLD OF SHIT/eyes to the floor, nothing to see/bored of popularity/it kills people, but it won't touch me/i'm a fucking loner and i'm banned in C.T.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

six pack

one, two, and three

two sick related poems in a row, i just noticed. i'm sorry, please don't think that i sit around in my pants all day, in a puddle of my own sick, writing poems about vomit, calling myself and my team of stray moggies "THE CHUNDERCATS", and laughing so hard myself that milk comes out of my nose. that really isn't the case. i swear xo