Friday, 1 October 2010

jack frost

on those cold winter mornings, before school, i used to have this recurring image of jack frost's big, pointy face staring in through my window as i got dressed. seriously, i would get so scared some times that i'd put my uniform on the night before (obviously, hiding this from my parents by having the duvet pulled right up to my chin) and sleep in it, so he wouldn't see me in my under-crackers. fucking pervert

bottled up

this is a new little thing i've been doing as of late. there's going to be a whole series of bottle people, of all shapes and sizes, all with faces what are nice. hope you like xo

and he can draw? alice, your husband has the whoooole package!

hey hey hey, the missus and i are balls deep in wedding preparations now, lots of exciting things happening! the date's almost booked so i thought i'd get bang on designing the invites! my future nan-in-law will be writing all the important stuff in some sweet calligraphy, accompanied by a birdy in each bottom corner, and all screen printed in a pastel pink by my boy, Paul! i wanted it to have the personal touch and get some of my nearest and dearest involved. hmmmm i wonder who i can get to fold them, envelope them, address them, stamp and post them (the boring shit) tehehe xo