Wednesday, 22 December 2010

castle head

(mental note: drawing on a choo choo chrain is shakey)

now i just need to get Christmas out the way and i can start finishing the pile of half drawn pictures that's building up on my desk..... and prepare for the wedding (which is in six months...holy shit) xo


Attention everybody! This is Wolfwind! Wolfwind is an independent publishing and distributing collective created and operated by Phillip Hawkey and my dear, old college chum, Rob Jones. Created to collaborate, produce and support creative identity within the creative field.

They have zines and prints available on the site, definately check them out and buy a few. Wolfwind is a community driven collective that relies on zine sales to pay for paints and photocopies to keep on keepin' on, so support and enjoy! xo


just a doodle, like

my very own street

the people of Reading have opened a street in my name, for Life Time Achievement and Outstanding Contribution to the Arts. pretty sweet, huh?