Saturday, 16 April 2011

all done!

here you go, i finished it this morning. i thought, after spending days on the detail of the grass, that i'd go the opposite way and complete it with very-child-like line drawings of bikes and other shit kids tend to leave around on their front lawns. she's isolated by the stress of having her life dictated to her by all these kids, and all this mess, and having no man to be there for her. shouldn't have been so loose then i suppose, but such is the modern world ai?
the woman and the house come out from the canvas about 2mm. now it's done i'm really liking this; i think it's got a nice mix of pretty landscape, the playful doodles, and my actual way of drawing (which i was initially unsure as to how i'd get it across onto canvas).
there was an old lady who lived in a shoe ala graham, hope you like it xo