Saturday, 30 April 2011


this (above) is a self portrait

my old friend Dean has updated his website, and it seriously looks amazing. he documents society and it's down fall (the jeremy kyle types, the dead eyed rats on their daily commute to the race, zombies), as well as him and his types (nerds) in their environments, with such attention to detail that i feel lazy when i look at my pictures in comparison. nah, i'm joking, i fucking rule..

seriously, his style of drawing is so recognisable and so good (which is a combination that you don't necessarily have to have to get anywhere by the looks of alot of artists these days) that i can see him blowing up any time now. and when he does, i'll be there to drop his name into every conversation.

the man loves comics, and i love him. check out the website straight away xo