Saturday, 22 January 2011

book review #2

hey! i picked up this little beaut when me and Demo Dan went to Hamburg in 2009. by the state of the buildings in Hamburg, which are plastered from top to bottom in the best graffiti you've ever seen, you'd think the city had been taken over by kids. it stinks of creativity. the place was so covered in street art that i went into a spray paint shop and had to ask if it was actually legal to do it. "DON'T BE STUPID!!!!" was the reply i got haha, but you couldn't blame me for asking. i mean, at one point i was openingly just drawing on the floor of the venue we were in, and no one gave a shit. it was heaven.
Anyway, while we were wondering around in awe of the insanity, we stumbled across the WOOLWILL gallery ( Dave the Chimp had an exhibition on, and thats when i first heard of him; was instantly blown away and instantly bought this book, and one of his pieces.

his images are very bold, very basic, but at the same time, very clever. all the street art i saw of his, around hamburg, brilliantly interacted with it's surroundings. look at the two images above; absolutely awesome. the top one, especially, is one of my favourites; it has the tasty combination of cuteness and cheekiness, and the lack of outline is something i definately want to start have a pop at.

he also experiments with street art in ways i've never seen; the image above is of his The Chapel of Saint Martin project; micro chapels made from cardboard boxes, with screen-printed interiors, made for homeless people and street drunks as a place for rest and contemplation.

his Street Sleepers (below) are too cool.

these Human Beins were the subject of the exhibition we saw; they spilled out of the gallery, all over Hamburg, and were on sale in the gallery too. so simple but so very brilliant. i got one, pretty fucking sweet!
buy this book, it's only little so it's not going to break the bank, and there's a shit load more stuff that i haven't even said about, like his projects with Vans and his links to skateboarding. also, check out to see more images and read interviews.

also, go to Hamburg.

Friday, 21 January 2011

so many houses

i've spent the last few days cutting all these up. over and over.....

and now i'm racking my brains trying to arrange the houses.....

and tomorrow i'll carry on trying to do so, then i'll stick them, then i'll write the poem, whack that in, then i'll put the frame back together.....

then it'll sit in my flat forever, collecting dust.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


yes! i know the second photo's a shitter but i wanted you to all appreciate how long it took my to colour in the letters. note: get a new camera xo

book report #1

hey! this is a new thing i'm going to do every now and then, a little insight into what art, artists and books give me inspiration everyday. i thought i'd open with Hand Job- A Catalog of Type by Brooklyn-based designer Michael Perry, as it focuses on hand-drawn fonts which is right up my street. the book showcases 55 graphic designers, led by Perry, doing their own unique and personal spin on typography. it's a brilliant scrapbook filled with alphabets, flyers, record sleeves, random bits of paper with words on, and even the odd studio picture, which i always want to see. i want to see the artist's working space and creative process almost as much as i want to see the final product, and Hand Job definately has enough of this to get my juices flowing.

ADRIAN JOHNSON's Slap Your Friends, 2005 and Olaf, 2005.

DAMIEN CORRELL's Hugs For You, 2005.

PAUL CLARK (no relation) alphabet

each chapter begins with a letter from the alphabet below and a little blurb about each artist featured in that chapter. as you see, there's a brilliant mix of artists and a wide range of techniques that are all very do-able. no matter how mind-blowing some art can be, it can also feel very out of reach (due to costs or location or time) and this can sometimes peel away at an artist's confidence. this book is an inspiration for me personally as most of it's pen/pencil on paper, and proves that successful art doesn't have to break the bank or involve chopping a giraffe up or anything on that scale. in fact, since buying this book four years ago, i don't think i've had a creative block.

A.J.PURDY and LUKE RANSEY's typeface

go to, and spend hours at

Monday, 17 January 2011

songs about houses

hey! here's what i'm up to at the moment, i'm going to finish the colour in the writing tomorrow (it's a painful process so i'm taking a break). this is pretty self-explanatory, it's about all the things that piss me off on a daily basis
and here at the bottom is another picture i'm doing this week. houses and houses and houses, which'll end up in a big, weathered looking, frame. in amoungst all the houses is one really haggard, shitty, gothic looking house; the subject of the poem i've written for the picture.
it's about a house my brother and sister-in-law used to live in when they were students, the walls were literally coming away from the floors, it was a death trap. the most glorious death trap in the whole world. see you tomorrow xo