Tuesday, 1 February 2011

book review #3

hey! this is a book any aspiring artist should get,to look at everyday, because it is amazing. it's a personal look into the sketchbooks, the thought process or the idle doodling, of over 60 contempary artists worldwide. every single page is filled with things to look at. from the sketchbook to the finished product, whether the artist is an illustrator, a grafitti artist, painter, graphic designer...and so on.

Ericailcane- www.ericailcane.org
i love looking at people's sketchbooks, it tells me alot about the artist, and it's always interesting to see what ideas they take forward and which ones they never use (because it's always the ones they never use that i seem to like the most). i, myself, don't have a sketchbook, i generally go straight on to paper without pre-planning anything. i do have a book to write poems in, but that's maybe the only thing i'll ever have in mind before i start drawing. whenever i have had sketchbooks and done initial drawings and worked off them, the final outcome never looked as natural as the first sketch, never flowed quite as much as i'd like. so i don't use them anymore. i do keep everything, just not in sketchbook form.

as you can see (from these few examples) there is massive mixture of artists and styles, from very simple line drawings to some of the most intricate shit you've seen. it's important to own books like this because sometimes your head can get mixed up and paranoid about the way you draw, it happens to everyone. should i be drawing with more detail? on a broader scale? should i strip it down to the simplest form? blah blah blah blah but your head can fuck you up, that's why flicking through this book for a few minutes everyday can remind you that nothing matters if you enjoy what you're doing. fuck what you think people might like, fuck what anyone else is doing, just draw and draw and never stop. xo

Sunday, 30 January 2011

moments wasted

the biggest example of a moment blown in my life. april 6th 2006 The Evens, a two piece band made up of hardcore and straight edge godfather Ian Mackaye and his wife, played in the canteen of KIAD in Canterbury. Ian Mackaye in Canterbury. Ian Mackaye; the man who changed my fucking life, in Canterbury! i was in the art uni canteen, sat cross-legged dunking biscuits in coffee, two metres away from the Minor Threat and Fugazi legend, in complete disbelief. i didn't know The Evens music, still don't, i was too busy pinching myself to listen to the music. it was like dreams coming true (apart from there was no Filler or Seeing Red....the list goes on). as the set came to an end i saw some kids filtering up to Mackaye with MT records to sign and cameras for photos and i thought to myself "i bet autographs are something Ian Mackaye doesn't really dig, i bet he has certain views on autographs. yeah, those kids suck" and as more kids surrounded him with their records i started to get nervous; i knew i was going to approach him with kind words that'd leave him feeling humbled and we'd have shared this brilliant moment and it would have been a real moment in my life.
but being the useless, bumbling idiot that i am; i, of course, ruined it.

i put my arm over THE Ian Mackaye's shoulders and said "i fucking love you, mate".

then i turned bright red, and left. i wonder if Ian remembers our moment. not fucking likely.