Monday, 7 February 2011

all done!

here we go, all done at last. my homage to the greatest dive in the world. reminds me of Edward Gorey in a way; much less detailed or linear, but very much the same dark and ominous air. i just found out Gorey's middle name was St John, and here i am with regular old John... i'm getting St put in!
anyone who visited 22 Artillery Gardens back in the day, i hope you all enjoy this. and would you believe it... she still stands! (below) here we are, together again, when i went back to Canterbury last month. god bless that mess

Sunday, 6 February 2011

home was where the heart was

i whipped this puppy up quite quickly and i quite love it. i'm definately going to try and throw more photography into the mix from now on; i think the contrast in detail and depth between the photo and the drawing always looks rad. the top photo is the view from my front door (lovely, tall regency buildings), the bottom photo is one we took this summer in Paris of the Blackpool tower (god, i'm hilarious).
it's fucked up how you can spend weeks on one picture and only kind of like it, then spend a couple of hours on another and absolutely fall for it.
sorry for the quality of this photo, i'll do something about it when i'm not so tired. night x

WOLFWIND @ lmnop

friday night i went to see my old college friend Rob Jones and his other half Phillip Hawkey, better known as the WOLFWIND collective for the private view of their installation (the window display in the image above) at LMNOP. the installation, along with the new 'zine and postcards fitted in perfectly amoungst the handmade emporium that is LMNOP; the loveliest little shop that is absolutely over flowing with all things d.i.y. and happens to be two minutes from my house! is the website, definately have a look, it's rammed with hand made bits and bobs, and definately left me walking home feeling very inspired.

my mate Rob (above) and Phil live here so give them a visit, but get to LMNOP first and check them out in the flesh, their installation is there all February. 17 Montpelier Place,
Brighton, BN1 3BF
is where it's at.