Saturday, 23 April 2011

artist proof doodle scandal

i have a bunch of Artist Proofs from my first screenprint, Something Female, and i thought i might have a go at customising it. i had a couple of poems that i didn't want to go to waste as well so i thought i'd chuck them in. the "love's young nightmare..." one was specifically written for the girl when i first drew her, the other one is equally miserable and love worn, so i thought i'd whack them both on. the rest is doodles: i'm appreciating the importance of enjoying illustration alot more lately (after recieving PULLED, the third book compiled by nyc artist Mike Perry, in the post_book review soon to follow) and what's more fun than doodling?! nothing

one day when i'm rich and famous, will i have have just chucked away a potentially expensive Artist Proof? or did i just make it more valuable? who knows? who will ever find out? not me xo