Wednesday, 27 July 2011

little shits.....

....scare me

this is a good night for me. getting the books out and having a good old adventure into the imagination i wish there was an extra 24 hours in the day just to read, and another just to draw, maybe an extra 12 to sleep more too.
it sometimes only takes one image, or one line, to fire up a whole string of ideas. sometimes it might be "wow, that's a cool idea, but maybe if i did something along the same lines, it might go a little something like this .... etc", but most times it's "holy shit i wanna be that good, i'm going to be like that". the amount of mind blowing talent on these pages is staggering, and i never get bored of examining them all. xo

p.s. that copy of Ralph Steadman's Garibaldi Biscuits is signed by the man, himself. life rules.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


i've been neglectful with my letters lately and i'm sorry, letters xo