Monday, 31 October 2011

Revere Reworked

drew this cover this week for the band Revere.. should be up HERE in the next day or two. read all about it xo

Latest 7

Latest 7 is the Number One free weekly magazine for Sussex. It is full colour, free and available at newsagents, estate agents and over 1,000 outlets throughout the south. and for a good few weeks now i've been illustrating for one of the columns every week- "William Tells".

This is all thanks to my bro Paul Lewis who has been illustrating for Latest Homes' "Distracting Dad" for ages now. both magazines come as one, pick one up if you're ever in the area xo


got this masterpiece done this weekend by my old mate Dan Frye at in Ramsgate. bloke's a genius. get in touch with him, get tattooed by him, check out more of his stuff here.. D.W.Frye xo