Tuesday, 29 November 2011

two heads aren't better than none

i know lately this thing hasn't been updated as much as usual, i've actually been way busier than normal. i've been completely engrossed in stories. ideas for my brother's book are in full flow in my sketchbook, and it's a new and great experience for me. it's also a very long process; developing idea after idea into full scenes, layer upon layer, ages and ages. so, when i stumbled across a poem and some thumbnails i drew up 3 and a half odd years ago, i thought i'd take up another second project to stop myself from going crazy..

the story is about a two headed zombie. one day it'll be adapted into a three part blockbuster, in 5-D or some shit.

i'm taking each step with great caution; planning each line out carefully, drawing each body part and background seperately, and keeping note of measurements, what goes where etc. this is definately a learning curve, very unlike what i usually do, but that's why it's so exciting. let's hope it turns out proper.

i thought this was a perfect way for me to get some experience at illustrating a book before i start to put the ideas for my brother's story on to actual paper, as this story is only 8 0r 9 pages long and the thumbnails and characters are already drawn out, it should be whipped together fairly quickly, and from this i'll have a much clearer view of the steps i need to take for the main project. xo

blank canvas

the plan for this guy is to have him sent off to D.W.Frye (genius with tattoo gun) and have him filled with flash. can't wait until it's finished, Frye is the fucking FUTURE! xo