Tuesday, 20 November 2012

twit twoo

another banging show from my man Sean Tehe, don't miss it xo

Monday, 27 August 2012

no fat chicks

these are a few collaborations in progress at the moment by myself and Paul www.pointlessrhino.com
where one of us has done the background/foreground and the othe has done the character. fun! xo

youth camp records presents.....

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Paul's house

 i spent 2 days round my brother Paul's this week solidly drawing, it's surreal how another person can inspire so much, we didn't put our pens down for a second. we're planning to do a show together somewhere down the line and these will all be framed one-off originals for it. we also did a few collaborations which'll be up on here as soon as possible.

 we're imagining splitting a room in half with my work one side and Paul's the other, with one wall for the pieces we do together. it'll blow minds. www.pointlessrhino.com is paul's site, check it out xo

Friday, 13 July 2012

one for the old school

i plan on making this into prints and t-shirts as soon as possible. aren't i hilarious? xo

the big picture. day twelve

i want to quit my job and do this forever... but not be poor (well, not be any more poor than i am now)


....that, and this. i have ten of fifteen pages complete now of my book, and am very nearly done with page eleven before i take it to the next step and seek help from my computer boffin pals. 
 (once a page is done, i shrink it down to thumbnail size and stick it on the pin board to mark my progress and keep my memory fresh). 
i can already see the action figures clearing the shelves in Woolworths xo

the big picture. day eleven

now the first couple of rows of characters are full and i'm building the picture up and up, i'm getting more paranoid about fucking up. however, at the same time i'm getting more excited and curious about how it might turn out, and imagining the final thing in a big ol' frame is all that keeps me going some days...

the big picture. day ten

i am a lazy piece of shit, i know this and i am sorry.

these next few posts from the big picture have been drawn over the last couple of weeks, i hope you like the way it's looking xo

Monday, 25 June 2012


 hey everyone! the Decked show is hung (by Will Blood, thanks alot man!) and still on for another week at Magnum Opus in Brighton! Stop fucking about and go check it out! here's a peak at the level of quality we are dealing with. awesome, i think you'll agree....

  Magnum Opus, 33 Upper North Street, Brighton, England, BN1 3FG is the address.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

it's taken me a solid couple of weeks, but i have finished my design for the fast approaching Decked project. this was the first time doing the show, and my first time painting on wood even, i was definately quite afraid to have a go from fear of fucking up, but i definately enjoyed it and will hopefully have another go at it again soon. June's hella busy, what with this and the 29 Lazy Sunday the weekend before, i can't wait. Thanks to Will Blood for involving me in this.. see you there xo

Saturday, 19 May 2012

 here is the information for June 10th. 
going to be a fun day, loads of mates chilling. definately come along..
here's a few things i'll be selling on the day..
the top 4 are small one-off, framed, drawings. with a few more to come..
then there's two screenprints, unframed, but wrapped and sealed..
and the di85 t-shirt.

hopefully Spring will be upon us by then, because all this rain is a joke..
 see you there xo

Monday, 7 May 2012


alright, at the beginning of June there will be an art fair put on at The Green Door Store in Brighton by my mates 29 (Rome, Anna and Dave), where a bunch of mates wil be trying to sell some art. for the day i'm doing some small one-off pen and pencil framed pictures to sell for cheap. here's a couple. i'll put up more information about the event soon and see you there xo

the big picture. day nine

he's a cheeky door stop, not a slice of cheese xo

heads will roll

it's been a good few days at the desk. after a few weeks of doing other shit, i'm properly cracking on with my kids book. as you can see, our guy is happy that i haven't forgotten about him..

Monday, 23 April 2012

t-shirts for sale!

i have these in S,M,L and XL. £10. email me at drawnin1985@hotmail.co.uk if you'd like one x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

the big picture. day eight

 it's been a few days but i had a nice litle sit down with it today. i especially like the cube headed guy

it's going to be such a mission to finish this picture but it'll be a mind blower when it is finished. i hope xo

Saturday, 7 April 2012

the big picture. day seven

i've spent 7 hours of my Saturday off drawing trees.. just tree after tree after tree.. for page 8 of the book, which is looking awesome.. especially if you like trees.

any way, i took a break from trees and drew a couple of guys for the big picture. the chequered thing in the back.. and this guy riding the worst bike ever ridden xo

Sunday, 25 March 2012

the big picture. day 3


this is just finished, it's been ages since i've done a brand new alphabet so it feels good to whip one out. i still have a couple more to do to have all 26. L and Z, and maybe i'll redo one or two of the others. one day.

Saturday, 24 March 2012

the big picture. day 2

the first two guys on this might represent me as i begin this thing.. the young guy with the mullet is well up for it, the wizard is thinking "what the fuck have i got myself into?"

the big picture. day 1

alright mates. i've set myself a project on the side of the book (which is coming along quite nicely). i bought a bit of paper, bigger than A0, which i am gradually going to build up and up, day by day, with little pictures. little characters (in b+w but in full detail) in their hundreds. it'll be a long time before it's done but it'll be a feast for the eyes. i hope you enjoy it xo