Friday, 13 July 2012

one for the old school

i plan on making this into prints and t-shirts as soon as possible. aren't i hilarious? xo

the big picture. day twelve

i want to quit my job and do this forever... but not be poor (well, not be any more poor than i am now)


....that, and this. i have ten of fifteen pages complete now of my book, and am very nearly done with page eleven before i take it to the next step and seek help from my computer boffin pals. 
 (once a page is done, i shrink it down to thumbnail size and stick it on the pin board to mark my progress and keep my memory fresh). 
i can already see the action figures clearing the shelves in Woolworths xo

the big picture. day eleven

now the first couple of rows of characters are full and i'm building the picture up and up, i'm getting more paranoid about fucking up. however, at the same time i'm getting more excited and curious about how it might turn out, and imagining the final thing in a big ol' frame is all that keeps me going some days...

the big picture. day ten

i am a lazy piece of shit, i know this and i am sorry.

these next few posts from the big picture have been drawn over the last couple of weeks, i hope you like the way it's looking xo