Thursday, 10 October 2013

my big fat finished picture pt.2

the dog here is one i did years ago and used again in this because i love it. it's of Monty, my best mate's dog. the original drawing i did of monty is hanging in his (/my second) mum's dining room, along with a couple of other bits i've done. i love their house, it's like a mini Graham gallery.

black dot

couple of my favourite guys in this space. the guy with the square face is the one. and the guy with the slit throat is a really old one i did about 7/8 years ago for a flyer for November Coming Fire that never got used as the show was called off. want to do more like him.

i like to think (or i hope at least) that, even when i draw something a bit different, i've established the style that i draw enough so that it can always be recognised.

p.s. RIP Breaking Bad