Monday, 14 October 2013

my big fat finished picture pt.3

i tend to set myself these little projects, work hard at them, then once they're done they just tend to sit around collecting dust. i'm making a change. my problem is i've never stepped foot into the digital age, i love hand drawn art and always romanticised about sticking in the old school, but in reality it's the reason i've held my self back and am still working a job i hate.

so i'm learning it all now, i'm going to start opening doors for myself.. watch out art world! i just need to find an A1 scanner haha!

more badly drawn bikes. there's a couple in there. 
i played a lot with patterns too. i had much fun drawing this.

the door wedge/ slice of cheese fellow is another of my favourites

so, that's that.. i'll let you all know when i have prints of this big boy up for sale xo