Friday, 2 May 2014


last weekend i went to a 2 day course at INK SPOT PRESS in Brighton. 

i've done screen-printing here and there in the past, and really loved it, so i thought i'd enrol simply as a refresher for my dusty brain. i figured if i could pick up a new technique, new skills, it might just give me that boast in life (my professional life) that i've been desperate for for a very long time, and it completely did. 

working all week for a job i'm not passionate about, and struggling to find the time or the energy to do what i love, and progress in that field, is a constant struggle. somedays getting out of bed is a hard enough task. everyone who may suffer from depression deals with it in different ways, and spend years and years finding a way to "fix" themselves. 

one day you think you've got a lid on it, the next you want to wave the white flag, admit defeat and go back to the doctors, get back on anti-depressants, go back to therapy; and these choices are all perfectly fine if they help, but it's a lot more reassuring if you're able to take control on your own.

i gave this course a go for this very reason.