Thursday, 30 January 2014

urgh, haunting again

love a Pro-marker xo


i did this over the last couple of nights. just started out as idol doodling, but i carried on because i thought it was interesting how the patterns naturally dissolved, in a way, as i kept on drawing. the curves get flatter, the lines get shorter etc etc, and all without me meaning to do so. i then began to become hypnotised by it, and thinking how it could represent our patterns in thoughts; how we drift in and out of ideas (some good, some bad) and lose those ideas as quickly as they came to us. thoughts become fragmented, exaggerated, forgotten entirely due to stress, emotion, enthusiasm, love, the million other things that zoom around our brains.

and i like it because it reminds me of water xo

Wednesday, 29 January 2014


this guy was the first one i drew when i started this little series of colour blends. originally he didn't quite work out how i'd wanted (below) but i liked him so much that i redrew him (above), where usually i'd probably just scrap anything that doesn't quite work because i am idiot xo