Monday, 11 May 2015

this is the first time i've done this; revisited an old character i've drawn and catch up with how they're doing. i think mainly because it reflects my own straight of mind so much. 

depression lurks underneath the surface, ready to engulf you like an massive fucking tsunami when you're least expecting. it's so very easy to let it consume you. anxiety leads to depression, depression leads to anxiety, repeating the circle. you hurt yourself to feel something because you're numb from your medication or your lack of fucking sleep. you hurt yourself to get attention because you struggle to  express to people (or yourself) what's going on in your head. you hurt yourself because you think you deserve it. you hurt yourself to kill yourself. 

i'm sure more people than i can imagine struggle with that constant urge to bash your own head in.
the important thing is to know you're not alone, and there are people who can help you turn this energy into something positive. never be ashamed or afraid to go to the doctors and talk.

talk to the people who love you. talk to anyone. talk talk talk.

anyway, this guy has been on a journey, and come out the other end. he's got himself fixed up, he's eating, he's healing and he has a much more healthy outlook on life. i enjoyed drawing both these pictures and especially the idea of ageing with the character. revisiting the character and giving him more of a story. i may do it again xo