Saturday, 27 June 2015

Learning To Grow pt.4

Mr Hedgehog is my fourth installment in my Learning To Grow series. Having an allotment is the funnest thing i think i've ever been part of and i never truly realised how great it could be until i saw it all first hand. the sheer imagination that goes into each person's space is incredible and inspiring. i'm very slowly learning how to garden, and have mainly spent the last year building raised beds, fixing sheds etc. the thing i love most about it is the higgle-de-piggle-de nature in which you can approach it all. it's D.I.Y. but there's no rules, no measurements, no restrictions, just fun-ness. 
i'm going to write poems to go alongside these pictures to encourage everyone to give it a go themselves because it really has given me a new outlook on life, and after battling depression pretty much my whole adult life, i'd say the allotment has been the best therapy i've had. it's a constant reminder that fun and happiness can be had without having to spend any money, that human interaction  is bullshit* and that there are endless possibilities to what we can do creatively if we're left alone without the everyday distractions of life. 
i hope you enjoy these pictures as much as i enjoy drawing them. i hope they inspire you to put your computer down and go out gardening** 

*human interaction is not bullshit, sometimes you just need a break from it, you know?
**but pick up your computer once you're done and come back and see more of my drawings. irony. xo